Stage II: Litigation



If a positive outcome does not occur within  30 to 45 days we and our agents and correspondent re-evaluate the case and determine if seeking the assistance of the courts will be required. The  evaluations include:

1. Does the debtor have the ability to pay the claim
2. Are there assets, property and income to support to recovery of a judgment
3. Are there supporting documents to prove up the claim and  present the case to the courts.
4. Does the $$ amount of the claim make it economically feasible and warranted to file suit
5. Are there known controversies or disputes that would impact the outcome of a lawsuit.


Fees for Stage Two:


Litigation contingency success fees will be between 30% to 40% depending on the $$ amount of the claim and in what state the lawsuit is filed. In addition the client or creditor must be willing to participate in and be responsible for all court cost and filing fees estimated to be  $450.00 to $750.00  per claim.  These include: filing fee, service of summons, recording and indexing, post judgment levy and enforcement remedies.

* These are estimates. Cost varies from state to state.  *No legal action will be taken without the authorization of the client.